We without them cannot be made perfect.

As we have worked on the messaging behind the Pants to Church Day event, we have faced criticism that we’ve strayed from the gender equality message from last year. The truth is that it’s not just women that feel marginalized in the LDS church. Our LGBT brothers and sisters fight a similarly difficult battle for equality. People of Color have a difficult history with the LDS church. Single parents; divorced parents; childless men, women and couples are all struggling to fit into an impossible mold.

A Mormon feminist ally, Edward, writes on his blog:

The Mormon church will not achieve the ideal of Zion until it comes to value women and LGBT people as equal members. That is its great challenge. Although LGBT folks could theoretically be included in the church without helping women achieve equality, that would not be Zion. We without them cannot be made perfect.

How can we help our Mormon feminist siblings? We can recognize and value the feminine within ourselves. We can notice how we consciously or unconsciously discount the words and contributions of women. We can examine our churches, workplaces, and families for imbalances of power. We can seek a relationship with our Heavenly Mother, the source of the divine feminine within each of us. We can seek out our feminist sisters and brothers, join their groups, come to know and love them, and thrust in the sickle with them.

The church is an important instrument of salvation. But one day—having fulfilled its function—the church will cease to exist and we will stand naked before the judgment bar of our Heavenly Parents. In that day, the only thing that will matter is whether we held up the hands that hung down.

Please consider joining us on December 15 in a celebration of inclusion of all people within the Mormon church. We need each other. We are stronger together.