I talked with friends about the silliness of it all

Last year, I was shallow enough to think that the “Wear Pants to Church” movement was based on merely that, women being able to wear pants. “Wear pants to Church?,” I said,  “Why would women want to do that when they know the most respectful outfit towards God is, for a women, a skirt or dress?”  I talked with friends about the silliness of it all and didn’t go to church that day, probably because I was struggling with my own faith and a strong lack of desire to be in another crazy conservative church meeting. And life went on.

Fast forward to this year, and I completely understand why women are wearing pants to church. It’s not because they value casualty in worshiping Deity; it’s because they value the investigator who feels out of place, the life-long pioneer stock member who is experiencing a customized challenge (to quote Elder Maxwell) and the women who fight against this movement that is specifically aimed at supporting them.

Tomorrow, I will wear the pants, and I will not look back.

– Megan